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Our clients trust that we have the experience and skills necessary to handle their largest and most complex disputes. We represent individuals as well as companies and other entities all sizes, from sole operators to 1000+ employee organisations. Our team is proactive in our approach to dispute resolution, and we endeavour to find a long-term solution that best suits the needs of each client.

When conflicts arise, we partner with our clients to develop litigation and dispute resolution strategies that best support and advance their interests. We appreciate that litigation can be expensive and highly disruptive and we work tirelessly to manage the legal costs for our clients.

Litigation often involves technical and industry specific complexities, and we regularly partner with leading experts such as engineers, architects, doctors, accountants, scientists, technical experts and consultants to present the most effective evidence and strongest legal arguments. This collaboration allows our firm to staff each matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible no matter how large or complex the litigation.

Our team is experienced in representing clients in the following jurisdictions:

  • High Court of Australia

  • Royal Commissions

  • Family Court of Australia

  • Federal Court of Australia

  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia

  • Fair Work Commission

  • NSW and QLD Supreme Courts

  • NSW Land and Environment Court

  • NSW and QLD District Courts

  • NSW Local Court

  • QLD Magistrates Court

  • NSW Coroners Court

  • New South Wales and Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunals


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